MamyPoko Overnight DiapersXL size

MamyPoko Overnight Diapers XL size

Absorbs 5* urinations to provide peace of mind

for leaks until morning!

Pants type

XL size 12-22 kg

*Amount of single urination: 60 cc

Product information

No worry about leaks until morning No worry about leaks until morning

The secret to providing peace of mind for leaks through the night


*The side with the tape is the back side.

*The design may differ from the photo.

Absorbs 5* urinations With the increased absorption power*2 of Unicharm's unique overnight absorbent material, you can stay worry-free about leaks until the morning!

*1 Amount of single urination: 60 cc

*2 Compared to existing Unicharm products

Firmly-fit structure

Our patented(*2) support gather technology supplements the firmly-fit structure of the diaper to fit snugly around your child's body so that you don’t have to worry about leaks from gaps!

*2: Structure where the two support gathers around the base of the leg area and crosses over and joins the torso gathers.

Designed for softness

The waist area is super fluffy!

The leg area is super smooth!

Easy to wear with the flexible fit!

Tearing the sides apart is super-easy!

Soft, full-coverage ventilation sheet

Quickly releases moist air, making it comfortable for your baby's skin

Night-time Doraemon design!

Enjoy changing diapers every night with the night-time Doraemon design!

There are six design types in total There are six design types in total

*The illustration is an example. The illustration and actual product may differ.


MamyPoko Diapers

Large value packs for extended use!

MamyPoko Overnight Diapers